Baby, it’s cold outside

At home during the winter we often wear our coats indoors. Post by Nicola Baird.

This is extreme carbon care, but my two daughters (see Lola and Nell tray sledging in the pic) have learnt keeping on a big coat indoors is a good idea, and of course are old enough and physical enough to protest when they think it is too cold. Besides they can always put on more layers of indoor clothes, or read under a big rug/duvet or cuddled up to a hot water bottle (or sister!).

But with the freezy weather coming up what is the right thing to wear?

The secret is layers. Working from home this sees me in an anti-Vogue ensemble of thermal vest, T-shirt, fleece, wooly jumper, bigger fleece, scarf and sometimes a Puffa jacket on top. But if I took a lesson from babygrows I might find myself warmer wearing a thermal layer and then a cosy all-in-one ski suit

Several of the brilliant people who contributed to my book, Homemade Kids, suggested looking for wellies, wet suits, ski suits, dungaree waterproofs etc whenever you go to a car boot or jumble sale. Or look for an outdoorsy family with older children and ask if they’d be willing to pass on outgrown items to you (you might offer to pay or swap for a bit of babysitting). 

Or even consider running an outdoor clothes/games swap with friends/NCT contacts…

Children in backpacks and buggies can get really parky without the right clothing which is a miserable introduction to the great outdoors for them.

If you don’t have mitten gloves to put over their hands you can always improvise with socks. The current style for Peruvian hats, with long sides over the ears, or even a Balaclava, look as cute as they are cosy too.

Here’s a pic of Alfie,2, kitted up  in head to toe snow handmedowns. He’s wearing a Norwegian all in one from his mum Sarra’s Scandi friends and bandit scarf from older cousins.

Is now the time to put on your 2010 to do list: “I will follow the example of those amazing Scandanavians and find the sort of all weather clothes that will ensure me and the baby/toddler can be outside whenever we want, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not?”

There’s also lots of ideas about what to wear, do and cope staying outside in all weathers at the Forest Schools (a real trend for families with pre-schoolers) site here.

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2 Comments on “Baby, it’s cold outside”

  1. lola may Says:

    this is really nice Mummy!!!!!I definitely know about coldness!!!!!!lola

  2. Karin Says:

    When we were young in Canada we had snow suits, but unless we get weather like today on a regular basis I doubt there will be any market for them over here.

    When our son was a year old (nearly 21 years ago) we took him to the Peak District and got caught in a small blizzard while on high ground, but luckily his uncle had a lot of spare socks in his pockets (no idea why) and covered his hands and feet with them as his little gloves and baby shoes weren’t too warm. So, always carry spare woollen walking socks if you are out in cold weather with young children!?

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