How you make a book buzz

Craft, chat and watermelon at the Homemade Kids book launch.

The number crunching part of this blog tells me that around 90 people read each post. Thank you! This is rather a cheeky post, and it’s from me, Nicola. (Pic is of a child-friendly activity at the launch party which was attended by lots of Freightliners Farm animals, and a few of the brilliant mums interviewed in the book too. Super hot weather, chicken pox, fevers, grannies and even childbirth caused some no shows.)

1) Firstly, I’m going to beg. Buy the book ASAP. Please log on to the new and rather fab website,, generously made for me by my friend Jane, then click on the first mention of the book title which takes you to direct to Amazon so you can buy it. 

Why buy it this way? Well, before Homemade Kids was released it was the millionth best seller on Amazon (ie, not good!), but today (monday 5 July) it is sitting at 138,496. With your help I’d like to see just how high up the best-selling ranks we can take a book. Call it purse power if you like!

2) If you do get your hands on Homemade Kids could  you review it on Amazon. A sentence is fine! Apparently reviews on Amazon are the BEST way to get some buzz going about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children – that’s what Louise, my editor at Random House says anyway. 

Workshops on 12, 19 July, 20, 27 Sep & 4 Oct. Book:020 7527 6726

The store price is £11.99, it was sold for a tenner at the launch but at Amazon it is £8.24 (with free postage if you click the right links!). What else can you buy for £8.24? Well, quite a lot, but the benefit of getting Homemade Kids to a wider public – and it will if loads of you buy it this week – is huge. For a start you may find more families living nearer you are more willing to swap clothes, games and even childcare. It might help you set up a babysitting circle so you can have a night out again with your significant other or just meet more curious and/or likeminded mums. And dads. And carers. (Pic is of a dad enjoying the treasure box workshop I ran on 30 June – the next ones are being held at Islington’s i-Recycle centre. They are free, but you have to book).

My nine-year old Nell, insisted I add an acrostic set of reasons

to buy your own copy of Homemade Kids:

Happy birthday – great gift for new parents (or yourself)
Offer: just £8.24 on Amazon, bought via my new website, click here.
Mums love books about child care
Easy things to do with even the littlest children
Minutes drag but the years fly – that’s how childcare can seem, so make those early days happy ones
Arty ideas, crafty ideas, plus loads of ways to reuse things…
Dads could use it to help argue for more child-friendly working hours
Entertaining & informative

Kind, humane ways to raise your child that teaches them to think and tackle climate change
Ideas emporium from leaking nappies to right-on party bags
Definitely no lecturing inside
Saves you money, and improves the world. Not bad for a book…

On the statu(t)e books
If we can get Homemade Kids up the best-seller charts then I’ll go and offer a thank you (possibly a copy of the book or a hand-drawn pic) to the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park at the weekend.

Thanks everyone.  Nicola x

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