Want to feel good? Take cute baby pix, etc

It looks as if I'm playing with a newspaper - writers can't start too early!

Photos of baby me are still at my mum’s house, but somehow I forgot this vital bit of info when asked to provide a nice snap for Junior magazine (which is due to have a bit about Homemade Kids in the September issue). This post is by Nicola Baird.

After a rushed hunt around my house I finally found that I had managed to grab just one old black and white pic off my mum, and then very organisedly put it into a near-impossible to open photo frame with Lola and Nell (when both were aged six weeks). All three of us are so much older now, but those early days photos still have an astonishing power to make the looker go “ahhh!” I really also like the way I’m playing with a newspaper – as if I can’t wait to start writing. I’m always telling my students at the University of the Arts and Middlesex University that I made my first magazine when I was around eight years old (which I sold for 2p to my infant brother and then resold to my mum and dad), but with this photo as evidence, taken I think in 1964, I can prove I loved print from a very early age…


Zak out shopping for 2h furniture with mum.

That’s why my tip this hot summer day is to make sure you are taking enough photos of your little ones – and that you take the time to admire those pictures with them too this summer.

Now the book Homemade Kids: thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children is published I’ve been having fun looking for reviews. The links at the bottom of this page will take you to some on the web.


Can you review the book?
If you like using Amazon – and you’ve found Homemade Kids useful/interesting – it’d be lovely if you could review it as I’m told this is a genius way to encourage sales. Several people have sent me lovelycomments about the book, so I’m going to share these below in a bid to encourage you to order it for your library, buy it for yourself or a pregnant friend/acquaintance.  Thank you, and really hope you are enjoying your summer in the tiny snatches parents get between the demands of self, significant other, office, neighbourhood and of course baby/children.
Nicola x

Readers’ reviews
“I love it! Am on ch 3, can’t put it down – good reading for my ‘me time’ on the train. Was getting a warm feeling reading it this morning, about how great life with kids can be, then turned the page and saw my quote about Leo’s tree! So nice, his granny will be v proud. Have been inspired to vacuum pack all the lovely clothes I’m saving for my friend  who is trying to get pregnant – they take so much room, can you believe I’m getting a  tidying up tip from you?”

“Well done, a fab book”

“Amazing achievement.”

” I just loved being part of the publishing of this book. 🙂 ”

” I will definitely go onto your website and buy the book, I know what good stuff you always write and this subject is right up my street!”

” I’m definitely buying your book and will spread the word. I really enjoy reading your blogs.”

Have tweeted (and made a tiny url for the amazon page).  Good luck with it! ‘Creative, thrifty, green and on a budget? Homemade Kids is now out! Finsbury Park author shares top tips with parents http://tiny.cc/lf64b‘”

“First response from forwarding your email: Buying the book. It looks fab. (Sending it to a mum -to- be cos she’s actually gonna have the time to read it!)”

“Well done you …sounds like a winner!”

“Have just ordered a copy for our old nanny who has just had her first baby!”

“Congratulations on publication of the book – it looks really great.”

“Well done it looks really good and I’ve ordered one through Amazon.  A friend for mine has a bookshop in Melrose so I’ll tell her about it.  Two friends of mine are pregnant so will give your book as a present once the babies are born!”

“Your book has become my favourite ‘loo read’.  You’ve no idea how lovely it is to see some of the things we’ve done with our baby presented as bloody good ideas rather than child neglect and so on.  It’s quite cheered me up.”

“Some of our closest friends are about to have their (very green, first) baby in the next few weeks! Perfect present opportunity! Plus another friend is due around the same time and two people I work with closely are currently on maternity leave. I have bought 3 copies for presents and will send it round at work. Am SERIOUSLY impressed by the endorsement from Shirley Hughes on the back! (Love her…) And look – Amazon sales rankings now at 16,329!  It looks great – can’t wait to have a read.”

“I really like the look of this. I’m going to order it when I get home and I’ll facebook it for all my mumsy friends to see.”

Links to extracts and reviews during July 2010
The Ecologist link takes you to a large chunk from Homemade Kids Chapter 9 with ideas about valuing local life.

6 July 2010- Country Life, book reviewed by kate green

10 July (sat) 2010 Daily Express (small section quoted about dressing up)

15 July 2010 Ecologist on line, dated 8 July 2010
(extract – 6 ways to get your kids to value community life)

16 July 2010 Green Parent (small section quoted in kathryn houldcroft’s article)

5 July, July-Aug 2010 Parents on line South-East,  book reviewed by Justine Crow (not sure that she like it!)

9 July 2010 The Green Familia, books reviews by Brenda http://thegreenfamilia.co.uk/tgf-rated-review-homemade-kids-by-nicola-baird

3 July 2010 Friends of the Earth book shop,

Ecologist piece reprinted in Post Carbon Life’s Energy Bulletin,

21 July Good Web Guide

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