What do I give a baby boy?

Make your own games with this push or pull wooden train.

I’m on holiday in Yorkshire, staying with a family who have four sons – the youngest is now nine years old. It’s been lovely watching them grow up and see how their interests change and how they react with each other.  Another friend has just emailed to say she’s had her fourth child – a boy to join three big sisters.  Clearly it’s time to think gifts. This post is by Nicola Baird, also see www.homemadekids.co.uk

Just for a moment ignoring the implications of having four children – such as cost, crowding emotional needs, even less me time and the planet impacts – how do you celebrate the safe arrival of a  baby boy?

My plan is to find an unwanted old favourite board book of my daughters’ and then to rejig the names so it reads as a story about their own family. Obviously the baby can’t read it yet, but his big sisters will enjoy seeing their own names. One of the fab mums interviewed for my just out book Homemade Kids (vermilion, £10.99) suggested some great ideas.

“I love to give anything wooden or books. I sometimes buy secondhand all-in-ones and decorate them with fabric pens, usually black spots (think Dalmatian) and once we did make a set of wooden blocks by chopping up and sanding random bits of scrap wood. It was lots of work though.”
Caroline, with Madeline, six, and Rudy, four

Giving differently
Another option if you live nearby is to scrap the physical present and just offer your time. Cook a meal and deliver (soup!) so it can be reheated whenever convenient. Or take the bigger kids out for an adventure to give mum and the little un a rest. Or stay in and read a story to everyone. And before you go do the washing up.

My daughters, now 9 and 12, are currently trying to think up what to get for their just about to be four-year-old cousin. Very sweetly Lola has made a pull-along train for him during her woodwork/design lessons (see pic above). I am sure Nell is not to be outdone – but what Jago’s mum will make of the London Musical cast array of sock puppets is anyone’s guess.

If you’ve got some good gift ideas do share them. Thank you. Nicola x

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