A bit about sex…

Just read this informative piece in the Ecologist (a rather wonderful e-magazine) about how to green it up between the sheets (or sofa or wherever…) here. 

This post is by Nicola Baird, partly using ideas in her new book Homemade Kids.

One of the amazing facts in the Ecologist piece (and there are lots of what to buy and what not to including things I’ve never heard of) is comparing the amount of condoms used worldwide each year – 10 billion – which is either a huge amount of plastic dumped in landfill or global baby boom catastrophe averted. Or both?

Say it often
A friend taught her four boys from as early as she could that the number one rule in life (she’s joking really) is “always use a condom”. But it’s certainly a useful phrase to teach your children many years before they start needing to use condoms. If you leave it too late you’ll have little hope of discussing which brand is the greenest or most bio-degradable without serious eye-rolling and yuck noises.

Families usually hold very different ideas about what information is too early for their children to do or learn. My mum felt theatre was out until mid teens (a cost drive I reckon!) but panto was an annual xmas treat. Staying up late, when to give sips of alcohol, allowing children to swear, the age they get a mobile phone, going to the corner shop or park alone – all these things are family choices with no right or wrong answer.

But if you’ve got any tips do share on the comment spot below. Thanks. Nicola x

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