Can’t move your baby?

My book stall fits on a chair!

Just been to a busy NCT sale (run by Hackney and Islington NCT) where I met one of the brilliant mums quoted in my book Homemade Kids (ideal xmas gift!). This post is by Nicola Baird

Tina now has a new baby, Phoenix, who is 10 months and has found she needed to make some adjustments before she could move around London easily with both her children. The older boy really enjoyed a front and back sling but that’s not so easy when you’ve got two little ones to transport. Tina told me she’d tried using a bike seat and keeping her little one in a sling on her back but had to stop because her partner wasn’t too impressed. So she decided to get a clever bike trailer and now uses a German make, the Croozer, see here.  “I trust it because it’s German, it’s well made and feels safe. It’s also a lot cheaper than the other bike I liked, the Canadian Chariot. I really think people should know more about this fantastic option to get around that’s flexible and safe with 2 kids, and without a car”

I love the way Tina has found solutions to her get around problems – she’s a real fan of electric cars, argues that streetcars (the car club) need to be cheaper and unphased by tube travel with little ones (or bus or even snow).

No such word

My mum occasionally would say there was no such word as can’t. Do you say it now sometimes – “we can’t do that, because… “? Here’s my tip: when a situation feels like can’t, maybe that’s the time to rethink what you want, or how you can do it. Can’t cope without a car is a very obvious one if you live in a city with reasonable transport options (different for those of you in the countryside).

Dodging can’t may seem simple enough with travel options for kids, perhaps rather more challenging with climate change? Anyway, here’s a small good luck to anyone involved in the Cancun discussions, or the 1,000 people who turned up to create a climate message with their bodies for an aerial photo at the climate march on Saturday 4 December at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London.

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