Thank you

Despite 2010 taking most of us deeper into the credit crunch (Pete’s even had a redundancy offer) I’ve found that loads of people have freely shared a huge range of skills with me – eg, this film edit by Justin. Some people even helped me without any unsubtle suggestions from me!  I just hope I’ve offered a similar amount of hours of time/ideas and energy to keep that karmic circle flowing… So here’s a special thank you for everyone who has helped make this year a really wonderful one.
In my book Homemade Kids I wrote about valuing local life (chapter 9) but this year I feel I’ve got more help and support from people than ever before. If you’re wanting some of the same the best method seems to be asking, and of course doing the same yourself too (so long as there’s a chink of time in your to do list which there will be once your baby gets a bit bigger).

Thank you
Jane – for amazing creativity and website. She’s genius! She’s also a masseur, training as a life coach and designs great web pages as Portavie…

Jo M – for helping publicise some Homemade Kids talks I was doing and tagging me on to a load of net savvy mums and a key group of NCTers.

Eleanor and Judith – barely know them, but they did something similar to Jo.

Sarah & Carolyn – for taking on some vital Lola childcare without needing babysitting tokens.

Christian – for e-publishing wizardry (in fact have a look at his amazing new e-book Free Books for Kindle.

Nicolette – a very special neighbour.

Justin – for helping with a short film edit, see above. I also love the fact he still runs the Drayton Park dads’ group which guarantees that Pete gets at least one night a month out with mates in the pub or similar. Essential to meet people if you work freelance…

Priti, Sue, Julia and Ana/Matthew – for passing on a lot of pre-loved clothes to me and the girls saving us a fortune

Caroline & Gisella – generous pet care much appreciated by Vulcan and the mice.

Julie & Fleur – lending their house, equipment, cars, pets etc so we enjoyed the best summer holidays

Matthew & Robyn – for house sitting and being perfect house guests fron July – September.

Meg, Eddie, Charlotte, Sarah, Fiona and Denis – for inspiring all sorts of students (including some of mine!)

If this post was by Gwyneth Paltrow there’d also be the need to thank the therapist, trainer, chef etc, but as yet  I don’t have a large staff roll. What I do have is a family and many other friends that are great to be around, so thanks again to them. Good health and good luck to you all.

Whenever climate change gets me down, then I’m going to look at this list again and be reminded of the amazing support local people and friends can give each other.

Nicola with Jihane, in Born, using a box to demo energy efficiency tips.

Pic is of me with Jihane during a happy hour at Born, in London’s trendy Stoke Newington Church Street, talking energy efficiency with three mums. You can find out about what’s going on at Born by linking to the shop’s Facebook page, Or try the online shop at

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