Oh poor austerity mum

The world is full of Cinderella moments. First the police send all their best-looking princes (aka men with pony tales) undercover to get off with greens. This apparently help our boys in blue reclaim the streets and scale dirty power stations until they suffer Stockholm syndrome.

Next the richest women in London go on economy drives and end up being maligned for resoling husband’s handmade shoes in Bond Street or saying no to a helicopter ride… I sample these fairytales entirely through the newspaper, but for a naughty peek at what Austerity Mum wrote (and she’s a fine writer) here’s Miss Thrifty of Yorkshire’s (also a very good blog) borrowing of her words

I guess being thrifty has very different starting points. But if it’s a trend you don’t mind, then I suggest you encourage your children by letting them model their consumer habits on what they see you do. Austerity Mum (haha) ditched her Wallpaper* mag subscription because even she realised the power it held to make her family buy more stuff. All of us have something, or someone like that…

Here at Mayhem Towers – where my book Homemade Kids: thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children was written – I’m not so good at giving up things (even in January wine and chocolate have  a place).  It could be said that I’m not that good at avoiding things, so drawn am I to skips and street detris  that most bits of litter are scrutinised. I even found myself getting jealous when a neighbour got himself a wheelbarrow and started taking a lunch time stroll past my favourite skip.

Sometimes collecting mania means we end up with unwanted things that could be easily turned into something else (eg, a drawer that won’t fit into the chimney space to make a new bookcase). It occasionally means I find lost treasures – yesterday the back of my phone, lost last week, was relocated on an accidental rubbish spot a few streets from my house. The good news is that I can text again, and that is a far better austerity measure than chatting on the phone or meeting up down the pub.

Have a good rest of  January, especially if you are suffering from New Year’s Resolutions.

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