7 fab things about walking to school

School kids dressed as pirates and sea creatures to raise £300 for RNLI

I love walking to school with my daughter – not long now and she will be able to do this herself. Before I get too nostalgic for something that hasn’t yet ended, here are some of the things I love about walking to school. This post is by Nicola Baird, adapted from her book Homemade Kids: thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children.

1 It’s a chance to chat (not to recite times tables and spelling)

2 You get to know your area, and all who walk, cycle and even drive in it. People wave a lot and say “hello” as they rush past

3 It keeps you and your child fit. No need for reinforced ambulances for your family…

4 Passers-by have this way of being blind that will make you laugh. Last week a whole school of children (about 300) walked through my area dressed as pirates, sea creatures and other wet monsters. My daughter was a polar bear (see pic). Not one commuter rushing in the opposite direction looked in any way surprised.

5 You get to see all sorts of wildlife. Even in a city there will be cool birds, insects, caterpillars and a range of flowers (aka weeds) and trees, depending on the month.

6 It’s a great time to play spot-the-dog (and dodge the dog poo)

7 Your littler children can fulfill their need to collect rubber bands and then sling them over their scooter, like headhunters of old.

Over to you
What do you like about walking to school? Do you ever manage to walk to school? Share any tips or stresses and let’s see if the other mums reading this page can help you out.

BTW if you want your child to earn badges for their family’s walking effort, or just have a renewed try to walk to school, try this site here which runs a special Walk to School week in May 2011.

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