Half term hell: the workshop

It may be half term for the kids, but I’m obsessed by 45 minute slots and feedback forms. Right now glued to my laptop trying to work out how to do a workshop for (1) politically sassy campaigners this weekend in Cardiff. OMG. And (2) happy Cheltenham mums and dads on a May Saturday when the British weather will finally be perfect and there’s no way any human ought to pay £50 to be stuck inside a workshop room thinking about ways to get their kids to eat more greens mindfully, or swap the sentence “I want it now…” to “I think I need...”

Working out the right talk for your audience is a hell, honest. But if I put enough sweat and humour into it, I’m hoping anyone who comes along will enjoy themselves and leave feeling that the world hasn’t yet collapsed into doom and gloom chaos. (That said I couldn’t watch all the news of Libya boiling and Christchurch crushed on TV last night…)

My friend Annie reckons I always mix politics and pleasure. Seeing this Saturday’s workshop (26 Feb, 3-4pm) at the GreenParty fringe meeting allows me to bring the girls for a lovely mini-break in Cardiff, plus gives me a chance to catch up – and dine – with Julian and Raoul, two of my favourite ex colleagues from Friends of the Earth it’s clear that she’s cottoned on to how I operate.

Just in case you are passing Cardiff’s Angel Hotel this Saturday, this is what I’ll be talking about…

A special 45-minute workshop where you can bring your little one, based on a new book which helps you raise a happy, healthy child. Join campaigning mum Nicola Baird at a play, stay & learn session based on her latest book, Homemade Kids.

While the kids play and draw their own model worlds, the grown-ups will discuss ways to future proof our kids. How can we help children develop the skills they need to cope in communities tackling climate change? How can we warn kids off rampant commercialism but still keep childhood fun?  Enjoy an inspirational session about keeping it simple.

Future proofing
I’m looking forward to it really, after all there’s not many opportunities you get to beat up the phrase “rampant commercialism” and turn it into a discussion about what’s right for a party bag!

Secret shopper feedback
And with my two girls in the corner there’s also no way I’m going to escape the full force of a kidult’s withering looks or Nell’s remembrance of successful pester power. Actually they are perfecting this skill at the moment with their Dad while looking around Romford museum/market in the rain (to help him write his Essex blog/book…)

Any suggestions, quick. Pop them on to this site and I can assure you I will use them – and report back.

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