Are you disorganised?

I reckon I’m not. This post is by Nicola Baird written inbetween organising a school film night for the PTA and dinner for my family…

My partner, Pete, reckons he’s not but when he asked our daughter Nell, 10, this question – unfortunately calling her by her big sister’s name (luckily not the dog which is what I tend to accidentally call her) – she said “yes, DEFINITELY disorganised”.

Unfair? I don’t think so. Her dad had arrived 15 minutes late to pick her up from school, then was puzzled why it wasn’t parents evening as expected. He didn’t know Nell’s session had been cancelled because the school had texted her mum (yes me,) but I couldn’t take messages on my phone as I’d dropped it down the loo at the weekend. The phone is still drying out in a box of rice that I keep ever-ready for wet phone emergencies. Oh yes and I’d made a big fuss of buying her a cheapo pack of socks and then wrongly bought the size for a 3-6 year old (I thought it said size 3-6 your honour).

But, but…
Come on, surely having a tupperware container full of rice for drying out phones counts as super-mum, not disorganised mum? But Nell is firm. Penalties are to be discussed, I’m not sure I listed ideas for such a thing in my book Homemade Kids

What do your kids think of you?

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3 Comments on “Are you disorganised?”

  1. Pete May Says:

    Sure Mum, you’re sooooooooo organised!!!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You went to a shop to buy me new t-shirts and didn’t get the nice one cos you couldn’t reach it!!!!!!!!
    Oh…..and whats that I hear????????Its you not being able to find your purse….where could it be???????Oops, its around your waist!!!!!!!!!!

  2. homemadekids Says:

    I can’t believe both children seem so certain about pete and my levels of disorganisation! Sorry Lola, sorry Nell, will try harder – especially while you are watching. Mummy Nicola

  3. Pete May Says:

    I was only late because I started walking the dog to school then realised half way there that it was parents evening and he wouldn’t be allowed to go inside. So I had to arrange an emergency rendezvous with eldest daughter Lola and run up the hill to school. Only parents evening was off, but they’d texted Nicola’s phone to say so when it was down the loo. Disorganised, moi?

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