Do you film the holidays?

Elsa, 9, and Nell,10, try out deck chairs in the park.

“Fun! Holidays! Get some peace!” That’s how a bloke giving out flyers advertised making a trip to see the Just so stories at the Pleasance theatre. I was shocked by his approach – presumably winning over some of the families he was giving flyers to – as I love being around kids in the holidays.

In fact my pet hate is that during the term children’s lives are so busy it’s hard for them to make their own fun, feel like they can do nothing at all (there’s always homework, music practice, pets to be cleaned out or something to rush to).

“They have no time to stand and stare”…
It’s rare they ever have more than an hour or so when they can ignore the clock or just relax in a deck chair.  And holidays can be the same, which is why maybe you should take a few more snaps, or bits of film so you’ll be able to remember what you did when the children were young… This piece is a follow on from ideas in Nicola Baird’s book, Homemade Kids: thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children.

Watch this film
Most of last term I rather neglected my family (and paid work) to try and make a film about why people come to the UK and what they expect education-wise for their children. It’s a huge question, with immigration often in the news as a Cameron and Clegg thought-war. Of course there are loads of reasons why people come to London.  At the secondary school my 12 year old goes to there are at least 30 different first languages and a fabulously mixed community so using a grant from Newlon Fusion/Arsenal the Highbury Fields School PTA asked people about their memories of school, and of course this brings up all sorts of ideas and aspirations.

In this 23 minute film – magnificently created by Swedish film director Jonas Grimas whose daughter used to attend the school (she’s at uni now) – you find out far more about London mums and dads’ life story and aspirations. The music is by Year 10 students, and a passing blackbird! Let me know in the comment box below what you think of it, thanks. Hopefully here’s the link,


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