Know any ways to say goodbye?

Lola, 12 and Nell, 10 have set me a challenge. They want me to cook biscuits so they can say goodbye to their classmates (28 each child, ie, 56 mouths!) as they are going to be homeschooled for the next half of term. By home I mean on the road, but mostly in Solomon Islands, south pacific.

The quickest response is to make biscuits, and the best I’ve tasted are usually made by a dad at Nell’s school, Simon. After a mammoth 6 dozen cookie bake off at 6am this morning I know how to make these biscuits and so here’s Simon’s recipe. An easy way to remember this recipe is to think 180 and 8 (180C is the temperature, and 8 are the number of ingredients). Simon says have the egg at room temperature, the baking tray ungreased and the mixture pre-divided into tea-spoonful size balls otherwise the 10+min in oven then out on to the wire rack for cooling while the next lot goes back into the oven is rather frenetic. Recipe below pix.

180 choc chip cookies (makes 2-3 doz)

  1. 100g white sugar
  2. 80g brown sugar (but not v dark sugar, more like a whitey colour brown)
  3. 180g butter
  4. 180g plain flour
  5. 1 and a half teaspoon of bicarb of soda
  6. 1 egg
  7. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  8. half cup choc chips (approx 50g)

Mix butter and sugar first, put choc chips in at the end. Cook 180C approx 12 mins, put on to wire rack (or plates) to cool so you can put the next batch in the oven without washing up…  It’s simple. And it would have been so easy for the girls to do this cooking, but this time they were let off, as they were fast asleep.

Have you got a recipe that’s really quick to make? If so, please share, thanks.

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