One more goodbye

Gisella, Ivo, and Lucas are taking charge of Snowflake, Nell's pet mouse. She's three years old, an astonishing 105 in human years.

Nicola with Christina.

Goodbye tea for Nell (under the pinata) and Lola.

We’re dragging this out a bit aren’t we? This post is by Nicola, Lola and Nell. We leave Monday, but over the past few days we’ve had a picnic with Weird Aunt Eliza, had a tea party, temporarily handed over our house, mouse, hens and dog, and learnt:

  • More than we want to know about hand luggage rules (eg, no liquids, gels, medicine, etc) for planes.
  • That in Perth, Australia today (5 june) it gets light at about 5.30am and dark about 6.30pm. Is that the sort of winter daylight we’d like here? It sounds a very early start.
  • That if you are asked to choose between three piles – $100 hong kong dollars, $100 oz dollars and $100 solomon dollars & you definitely want the most money – then it would be better to pick the oz dollars.
  • Air pillows don’t deflate.
  • And for the Dr Who enthusiasts, River Song is Amy’s daughter!!!!!!!! (says Lola)
  • And finally: that hand luggage is for things you really don’t want to lose (eg, asthma medicine) not all the books you plan to read.

Lilo may deny it, but this was the best picnic ever - enjoyed in Hyde Park. Her top travel tip: take photos on a disposable camera.

Over to you
Lola and Nell keep being told that what they are doing is going to be an “experience”. I asked them what they thought that meant…

Lola: “I think it means that people think I won’t enjoy it. And they are not really sure about what’s coming! However I know I will enjoy it.  Last night I was really scared about planes, and the fact is is three months away from home. Today though I am really excited. Looking forward to buying sweets when we go through Customs because it stops your ears popping.”

Nell: “People think it will be something to remember. And I think so too. I’m most looking forward to visiting the Solomon Islands and maybe trying to climb a coconut tree, although I know how dangerous it can be. It’s been sad saying goodbye to my pets. I had an excellent goodbye tea party with my friends (yesterday) which was quite sad knowing I won’t see them for three months. We banged a pinata (although they are from South America!) it was fun picking up all the sweets when they fell on the ground, although it was raining…

Next stop Hong Kong, China where it’s a tropical 32C.

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2 Comments on “One more goodbye”

  1. Orla Says:

    Where are you now? I will miss going riding with you Nell, and Lola. Also Lola, where are you most exited about going to? And will it change?

    BYE! Love from Orla x

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