Hong Kong: first impressions count

A diary entry on first impressions of Hong Kong from Lola and Nell.

LOLA: When we first arrived at Hong Kong Airport (Chek Lap Kok) I thought it was a lot nicer than Heathrow (terminal 3). That was so crowded with nowhere to sit, but here was so big and airy. However it did start off quite scary as two women in masks scanned us all the moment we got off the plane (deplaned) and then called mum over and took her temperature. We think they were testing her for bird flu! She definitely looked odd from not sleeping all night, but she says she kept the plane up by will power.

Apparently this airport is causing dolphins to die and a planned third runway may make it worse. In the South China Morning Post it says “(chinese white) dolphins are under serious threat from third runway”.

Hong Kong has really nice food we went to a vegetarian restuarant and ate rice and noodles and fake chicken (taro) and fake beef (soya) with chopsticks. It was also really nice swimming at night on the top floor of a building. Hello to all my friends.

NELL: When I got to Hong Kong I was suprised by how tall the buildings were (our hotel is 28 floors, there’s a swimming pool at the top!). We met a man who said he lived on the 20th floor in an appartment but he dreamt to live in a house with just two floors, but in Hong Kong they cost a lot of money. The tallest building we’ve seen is 102 floors. When I look out the window I can see lots of towerblocks with washing hanging out of the windows. And the street is a long way below.  I can also see a bridge and the South China Sea and Hong Kong harbour.

There are 7 million people living here, that’s the same as London but Hong Kong is a lot smaller. We went in a taxi from the airport and we had to pay HK$30 (£3) to cross a bridge and HK$30 to go through a tunnel – I thought that was a clever idea for earning money. We went to a restuarant yesterday that gave us vegetarian Chinese food. This was very strange because they didn’t ask if you wanted water to drink they just gave you lemon tea and chopsticks. There were lots of big dishes that you had to put into a tiny bowl that you were supposed to eat out of. I was enjoying it until I got a bit of chilli in the noodles!

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One Comment on “Hong Kong: first impressions count”

  1. Anna Says:

    Hello Nell and Lola,

    That is amazing! Is it actually true a building can have 102 floors?
    That is incredible! At school we ALL miss you!
    I hope to hear from you more.

    From Anna.

    P.S. Can you tell me the place to send my letters to you? I will look forward to seeing Solomon Island’s and Hong Kong’s stamps and of course …

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