Finding gifts: 20 years on

About 40 bras gifted from my friends and their friends in the UK to my friend's friends in Solo!

It’s better to give than receive…. well, I’m not so sure. Giving can be hard! Twenty years ago a friend, Navvie, asked me to send her a bra. I never managed having absolutely no idea of size or what she’d like, etc. But I didn’t forget and now that we are all heading to Solomon Islands where she hopefully still lives healthily, I want to make up for lost time. To do this put out a request for unwanted (but lovely!) bras from my friends. This post is by Nicola.

Almost a copra sack of bras off to the post office.

Bra champion
Best result from Ann who lives in Bristol – she emailed her friends, organised a bra collection when the kids came out of school and handed them over. As a result there are 40 or more rather gorgeous bras for Navvie and anyone else she’d like to give them to. The collection is so heavy I’ve had to send them via post (at a cost of £20, ironically the price of just one new bra in the UK), so here’s a crossed fingers that they don’t get opened up and laughed over at customs. The letters NCV – no commercial value – scrawled across the parcel may prevent it being opened. But with no M&S in the Solomons, these items are a kind of gold dust.

We’ll let you know how it goes. Have you ever risked the post for something someone really wanted?

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