Thinking as we hammer

This blog is temporarily about three months travel. This post is by Nicola

We are staying for four nights in south west oz, a wonderful country farm near Nannup. (Up is apparently an Aborigine word for water). There is at last some rain – this is the rainy season but all the Australians we meet think it is very cold. It really isn’t, last night was 16C, today it is 21C – way too hot to wear gloves though I am in a thermal vest… We are trying out WWOOF, willing workers on organic farms, so you will soon be able to see pix of pete and I chopping fantastic red hardwood for the fire, putting in star pickets around fruit trees and hammering steel plates on to jarrah fence posts to keep off the weather rot. Yes we are a bit out of our comfort zone

Not so Lola and Nell because at Loose Goose chalets – google to see more – there is a real life kangaroo, orphaned and so a pet. There’s also a tame wild wallaby.

Not every Australian has a kangaroo,” says Laraine who runs this centre with her partner Grant. But Lola and Nell don’t care, they have spent the past three days in the gardens or fields throwing balls/sticks for the dogs and patting the kangaroo. She’s called Dusty Rose. Photos to come when I have time…

When I’m not busy (there arecooking duties too) the girls have been doing some supervised homework – Oz animals I’ve met for Nell (she’s also met a possum, several emu, lots of birds including the pink/grey galahs) and persuasive writing for Lola (roo bars: good or bad?). So I’ve been slow in seeing that stupid UK is now going to drop climate change from the national curriculum, see here from People & Planet about this. I’m seething with rage. Everywhere we go people are talking about the strange weather. Even this wet corner of Oz is dryer than ever before. When it rains a little and the rainbows form (because it’s still sunny…) they do so over a dam (reservoir) which is 2m lower than normal for this time of year.

Must go – task to do. More from Lola and Nell soon too. Nicola x

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