Life on an Ozzie farm

For the next three months this is a travel blog from Lola and Nell (and others)

LOLA: We are now staying at Loose Goose Chalets, which is a small (well, actually quite big) farm in Nannup, Australia. There are loads of animals here like Donkeys (me and Nell named them Rory, River, Amelia and Melody!), Geese, Chickens, Possums, Dogs, Turkeys, Emus, Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, Wallaby’s and a baby Kangaroo called Dusty Rose! Its really fun here, we get to play with animals all day and in the evening a wallaby called Kizzy comes to visit us, along with some Possums! Today we are going to visit one of the oldest trees in the world and you can climb up it! We are also going to see a herd of 200 or more wild Kangaroos!

Goodbye for now.

NELL: Maybe I’d like to live on an Ozzie farm – if it was in England. I like all the different kinds of animals  and the landscape is really beautiful. I really like kangaroos and wallabies because the ones you can touch feel really soft and they are actual wild animals. On this farm they make sculptures out of old objects that have been thrown away by their owners. It reminds me of art galleries because it doesn’t look like junk, it’s been made into sculpture. My favourite at the farm is the helicopter – although it’s not finished yet. You can even sit on the seat and pretend to be piloting it.

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2 Comments on “Life on an Ozzie farm”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Hi Nell and Lola. It sounds very interesting what you’re doing. I would really love to see those animals you mention. The helicopter sculpture sounds really cool.

    By the way, Nell, Snowflake is looking fit and healthy. She does lots of exercise on the wheel and occasionally you can find her at the top of her house. She doesn’t look a bit like 105 years (more like 25!!) So don’t worry about her we’re taking care of her.

    Speak to you soon


    • homemadekids Says:

      HI Lucas and Ivo, I’m glad to know Snowflake is happy and looks 25 years old! Yes the animals are really interesting, especially kangaroos. We’ve just come off a train we were on for three days from Perth to Adelaide. Lola’s bday is tomorrow so we are going to have to find her a present. Thank you again for looking after Snowflake, love Nell.

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