Long way on the train

This blog is temporarily about travel with kids.

We’ve just spent 2 nights and nearly 3 days on a train crossing from the Indian Ocean over to Adelaide.  We went so far (2,700km) we even changed time zones… Lucky we decided to do this as the ash from the Chilean volcano keeps closing Oz airports. Not much mention of climate change in Oz, accept to question whether it exists. OMG.

Nell: The train was extremely boring but it did have some exceptionally good views across the Nullabor Plain. The Nullabor Plain is flat, deserty land and red soil with a few wedge tailed eagles and nothing else. But it did inspire me to write a poem about it which was a good idea as I had lots of time to think it up! We stopped at a town called Cook which you ‘ll be amazed to find out has a population of 4 people, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 20 dingoes and 30,000 flies! It did have a gift shop which was nice. I wondered why they would set up a gift shop with just 3 people in the town but I supsect it is for visitors who come on the train every few days.

LOLA:  Looking out of the window of the train I saw so many things and realised how big Australia really is, because Perth to Adelaide was three days away and that’s not even half of Australia. It’s equivalent of going from London to Moscow! I’d do it again and I would recommend it – seeing everything, looking out of the window, and meeting people on the train. It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!!

NICOLA: hopefully the film is of Lola with a kangaroo… definitely worth looking at. The girls are really missing animals now we are back in the city. Nearest equivalent is the stuffed animal galleries at the Museum of South Wales, just over the road.

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