Loving books

Bye bye Good Wives (classic American) and Chestnut Hill (pony story) at Adelaide St bus stops, Brisbane.

This blog is temporarily about travel/homeschooling

We are happily stuck in Brisbane for three days while the Solomons plane is repaired – new city equals lots to see and do so less time for reading. I say this aware that Lola is deep into whatever is on the kindle (I think she’s reading Sense & Sensibility).

It’s fun to visit the op shops (secondhand/charity shops) and use them to restock our mobile library. There are lots of tales of plane crashes in the remotest Oz outback allowing sole survivor (a child) makes friends with an Aborigine boy/girl; also tales of life on a homestead befriending horses and kangaroos.

Lola and Nell are beginning to read the Oz classics. First on the list is The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay (1918) which has the loveliest illustrations, a crazy concept. And once everyone’s read a book then the plan is to either take it to a secondhand shop or to release it on to a bus seat or bench so it gets a new life… Taking our pile on to the Solomons is a bit had because of the 17k suitcase weight limit, although it would be the obviously best thing to do as books in short supply.

NELL: I haven’t read the Magic Pudding properly, just the first bit, and I think it is really quite interesting. The writer came up with a very strange idea for a book about a walking and talking pudding that allows you to choose what flavour of pie or pudding it is for each meal. I’d choose chicken and mushroom pie or maybe apple. I suppose it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with all the strange characters. Maybe the two writers could meet each other one day? [ha ha from mum here, but a sweet thought]

LOLA: I’ve just read Storm Boy by Colin Thiele, it was very good but very sad. It was loads of stories about birds mainly (the cover has a picture of a little boy with a pelican). Most of the birds, and people, die. 8/10

I also read My Place by Sally Morgan. It showed you a different type of view about the Aborigine cultures as the mum and granny are embarrassed to admit they are Aborigine as they think it will make the grandchildren have unhappy lives and people will be racist to them. 9/10.

I love the Magic Pudding. I found having the drawings made it really good and it was funny the way they spoke in songs. 10/10

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