Too many koalas?


This blog is temporarily about travel and homeschooling. Pix of Lola and Nell feeding wild lorikeets (the birds splatter the sweet porridge around); the girls petting tame kangaroos; stroking a python and then a pic of a koala and baby by Nell.

NELL: Today we went to the brilliant Lone Pine koala sanctuary, founded in 1927. I was absolutely amazed by the amount of koalas they had, more than 50! They also had other animals such as kangaroos, wombats, crocodiles, dingos and wallabies. It was awesome (australian word) looking at them.

I found the duckbill platypus (Berwick – the first DBP born in captivity in the past 50 years) the most interesting because duckbill platypodes or platypose (new word suggested by deputy director of the sanctuary) are the only mammals that lay eggs. They also look like a cross between an otter, duck and a beaver AND male platypuses have a venomous spur on their hind legs.

I made tonnes of flip video films (which I thought were all amazingly fantastic but mum thought were too long). My favourite was the golden brush tailed possum video, but I still love kangaroos the best.

LOLA: I really enjoyed going to the animal park today as it was so interesting learning and seeing the different types of animals. I especially enjoyed seeing the duckbill platypus as I’ve never seen one before. I think the cutest thing in the park was either the wombat, koala or red-tailed kangaroo joey (under one year).  Now I’m 13 I’d be quite old if I was a koala, in fact I’d be in the koala retirement home!

It seemed very relaxed and friendly, and the animals had quite big enclosures. I wondered if koalas escape, and also if foxes come in and eat them as the fences are very low!

It was really weird touching a snake (olive python) as she felt all slimey and ssssssss weird. A ranger gave a talk about snakes which told us how to do first aid if we are ever bitten by a snake. It’s bad to be bitten in your chest or head…

PETE: Koalas are chilled out. If I was an animal I’d be a koala.

NICOLA: We took this trip via a bus, no sign of a child (even though it is a saturday), I think everyone with kids seems to drive. No surprise considering how cheap petrol and diesel are here. Most other things are furiously expensive though. Also mortified when a bloke came in to the duckbill platypus house and said, “Ah yes, the over 40s love sofas, I knew I was right putting them in here!”

Or course he meant Pete and me (although Lola and Nell also on the sofa at that mo) watching the platypus scoop up worms, insects and crayfish (gabbies) and munch them up (and you can see it in live time on the Lone Pine website here). We had no option but to grit out teeth and agree, that the over 40s did indeed LOVE sofas.

Come on London zoo, get some sofas for all the oldies who visit you….

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One Comment on “Too many koalas?”

  1. anna Says:

    Anna: Are koalas that chilled?
    I would love to meet a koala,and kangaroo ect…
    I hope all of you have a fantastic time!!!!!

    P.s: Twinkle is ill! …But he’s getting better!

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