New country, new school

Pikinini blong Solomon. Here in Honiara Lola and Nell are at the same school again...

This blog is temporarily about travel and homeschooling.

Well homeschooling is great – especially when we are travelling a lot – but we’ve at last arrived in Solomon Islands. Oh how lovely it is to be here again (that’s my thought, Pete finds it even hotter and more humid than he remembers from 1995).

Imagine how many orchids are in these lei.

We were greeted off our rescheduled 2.30am flight from Brisbane by two of my oldest Solo friends – ML and Dot – who put wonderful orchid flower leis (garlands) around each of us, you can’t imagine how special this makes you feel, and then hugged to make up for 20 years absence…

And after just one day here in Honiara (bed at 4am on monday morning; up at 8am monday morning, so really we enjoyed two mondays) Lola and Nell have gone to help international relations at Woodford International school. Here they are in their uniform…. Can’t wait to find out how they liked it.

Pictures below offer a taste of Honiara…

Drinking coconuts are delicious, and just SB$2 (1GBP = SBD12), so about 20p. Imports much more pricey.

Nell choosing sword fish at the market. It's by the sea shore and has a huge roof to keep everyone drier/shaded.

As you can see from the pix we’ve already been to the market and had some of the most delicious reef fish (chosen by Nell and then photographed by her too) and the local alternative to Coca Cola – drinking coconut.

For the next eight weeks we are based at the house of my wonderful friend ML O’Callaghan, an Australian married to a Solomon Islander – it’s hard to believe I was at their wedding, two decades ago! Joses is a politician and union man, has met so many world leaders on his travels for the Solomons.  He is from Bellona where fish is taken very seriously: there’s even a word for the smack smack sucking noise made when you lean forward and eat fish (best done without cutlery).

The fish head, especially cheek and eye, is the delicacy, and Nell even had a go at trying this treat – an impressive gastro curiosity for a UK girl who has really only seen fish in supermarket wrapping before.

As they say in the Solomons, we’re happy. Hapi fo gud!

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2 Comments on “New country, new school”

  1. maaaann!!!…solomon islands is fun xpecially woodford!!,,miss dat skul….but still in it!!!!,,,,,this proves ur not racist which is pwettyy kewl!!!,,,,,…..i ❤ woodford skul!! xxx nice web page!!!.. :)):D 🙂

    • homemadekids Says:

      Hi Glenda, glad you like Woodford School and thank you for your reply. You’d find London schools fascinating – there are all sorts of students with links to everywhere in the world. Most inner London schools have students whose home language (mother tongue) is any of 30+ different languages (from Arabic to Swedish, cna’t think of a Z!). There’s every shade of skin colour, and probably a representative of most religions (especially Christian and Muslim), and atheists (non believers) too. That said it’s rare to meet a Pacific Islander in London – so when my family and I meet people from the Solomons mifela barava hapi tumas!

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