Hello, it’s Lola. Today we have been in the Solomon’s for 1 week and 1 day! Two days ago we went to Hamok Beach which was really cool! There were loads of rope swings which were tied on to Coconut trees that you could swing off. You had to climb part of the way up a coconut then swing off in to the Sea. Kaitu’u and Michael tried to teach me , but I wasn’t very good! As it was Erin’s last day yesterday we had an Umu to say goodbye. This is when you cook food under stones and wrap it up in Banana leaves! I helpd cut down the Leaves AND went to the market to choose the food! It was very fun!


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2 Comments on “Umu’s”

  1. meg rosoff Says:

    God, your trip sounds AMAZING. We are SO jealous back in highbury.

    • homemadekids Says:

      Thanks Meg, it feels like real life but I know I’m in a bubble of happiness and humidity here. Next part of being in the Solomons is to travel to the provinces – plenty of volcanoes, deep sea trenches, coral and canoe rides. Action starts sunday so may take a 2 week internet break!

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