Meeting old friends

This blog is temporarily about travel and homeschooling in Solomon Islands

Sam used to drive our taxi Kitaza Heights. He's now got a store and a gas delivery business.

When I lived here 20 years ago (1990-92) I was lucky enough to make many local friends.

Nelly (now has a brilliant cake and finger food business), me and Navie (still an English secondary teacher). When Navie recognised me in the fishing village market I cried with happiness to see and story with her again!

It has been an emotional rollercoaster re-meeting them, I am just so very happy that Solomon Islanders don’t seem to mind people blowing out of their lives and then blowing back in again.

Nell playing with Navie's oldest girl.

Some people I’ve stayed in contact with through Facebook and email, but others have been harder to find – and amazingly I’ve simply bumped into them in the market, or in town.

ML takes a pic of her 4 kids and my 2 at a family feast (umu).

It is extremely lucky we are all able to recognise each other. Pictures show some of my favourite people remet, well-met.

Rose said she'd wished to see me in the market - and then amazingly did run into me. She has 2 daughters, and 7 grandchildren already!

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