I just need a cheese toastie

This blog post is by Nell.

Nell prepares cheese toasties for breakfast - we're in the city so all mod cons available.

I actually need a cheese toastie. The food here in Solomon Islands is different and delicious. For example the fish tastes much more fresh. Lola, mum and dad are even eating it. Wow. The chicken isn’t as good as the fish, but it’s still quite nice. There’s also lots of rice, and I love drinking Milo especially when I’m thirsty because it is like hot chocolate. There’s no hot chocolate, or cream cheese – so when I was making guacamole I had to use long life cream and I have to admit that this didn’t taste as nice as normal.

There are lots of fruits in the market, and they are a lot nicer than the ones imported into England. There are three different sorts of bananas, but they do taste the same so I guess they are the fruit that travels well.

Where we are staying we don’t have a grill but there is toasted sandwich maker. The only problem is you get quite small cheese toasties but they are absolutely delicious! Anyway I’m hungry now so I’m just going to get a cheese toastie as I absolutely need one before the power goes off.

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4 Comments on “I just need a cheese toastie”

  1. Penny Says:

    Netta misses cheese toasties with you on Thursdays at Trent Park…

    • homemadekids Says:

      @Penny, for me horses are ever present in the UK but though Lola and Nell perhaps missing them a little in the Solomons I find talking in Pijin (after a 20 year break) has a similar effect on my soul. Tell Netta we’ll think of her on thursdays riding and eating cheese toasties, and look forward to seeing her ride in september, she’ll be so good by then! N x

  2. heshwesh Says:

    would love to keep reading blogs by the girls, and of course enjoy Nicola’s too!

    • homemadekids Says:

      @heshwesh, Annie we’re getting there gently – there is so much new for them to see and do in Solo, after all I had 2 years to acclimatise (and was a grown up) and Nell has never really been out of the UK before (except 4 days in France) so the tropics is mindboggling, it’s changed how she draws, wonderfully. Lola put up the last blog entry pretty much by herself. Lots of love to you all, N x

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