Where am I?

At Tetepare (pete, nicola, lola, nell and KJ) just about to leave on the 60min open sea and lagoon crossing.

This blog is temporarily about travel and homeschooling in Solomon Islands.

It’s terrible really, the family has just arrived in an outboard canoe at Lola Island in Western Province, Solomon Islands. The view is of a lagoon peppered with islands. The beach beside me is white sand, the leaf house in front is surrounded by hibiscus and other beautiful flower bushes. The kids are in the water splashing around now immune to fears that the black tip sharks (who are also there) will eat them.

There’s a chef making chilli fish in the kitchen (in the Solomons it would be almost mad not to eat the delicious fish on offer), and what have I done? I’ve asked the owner to pass over their laptop so I can check emails, update blogs, ponder Rebekkah Brooks’ spectacular fall (who else can she bring down, there has to be a hope for a Cameron rattle?).

In short I’ve ignored the past four days of utter contentment spent at Tetepare island – probably the world’s last sizeable uninhabited and unlogged rainforest. If you ever have a chance to stay at an eco-project that is offering an alternative to logging, as Tetepare Descendants’ Association does, then just say yes. Find out more in The Last Wild Island: saving Tetepare, by John Read, available from here.

I’ll ask the girls to share more about what they enjoyed at Tetepare, but we tagged green turtles, monitored coconut crabs (biggest land crabs in the world), walked right up into primary rainforest which is an experience that can’t be beaten – even if you then walk back down and go snorkelling with dugongs.

I kind of feel impure touching this laptop, but it’s a powerful need! Enjoy your own moments away from the typeface.

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