Lola Island!

Lola on Lola!

Hello, this is Lola…on Lola Island! It is a small Island in the Western Province of Solomon Islands.

Lola Island is a resort (and a t-shirt!) in Roviana Lagoon, a short boat ride from Munda. All the accommodation is traditional Melanesian Leaf Houses (but luckily they have electric light, hot water and a flushing loo here, unlike on Tetepare, see The Last Wild Island: saving Tetepare, by John Read, where we have recently been staying!) Lola has a swing into the lagoon which Nell and I spent many happy hours on (well I did, Nell was too scared to jump off!)

Skull Island.

Today we went to a small Island called Skull Island, which gives some indication of what was on it – skulls! They were old bigmen and chiefs from as long as 300 years ago to as recent as the 1930s. It was a very atmospheric place, and quite scary! AJ, the barman here told us about a man who stole a skull from the Island and sold it. When the last Tsunami hit (2 April, 2007) hit, only his house was washed away. People say this was the skulls taking revenge on him…

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2 Comments on “Lola Island!”

  1. nicola baird Says:

    Skull Island reminded me a little of West Kennett Long Barrow at Avebury in England with its reverence for the bones of the ancestors. Bones were placed in neat chambers or on shelves there too..

    • homemadekids Says:

      Thanks Pete for that thought. We are all very, very similar. It was an amazing place. I’m so glad we didn’t all get freaked out by it. I’ve heard some real horror stories ranging from back of the neck hair raising to terrifying nightmares. Awe seems like a good option. N x

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