Fabulous Singapore

This blog is temporarily about homeschooling and travel.

Singapore has marketed itself as much a stopover city as the ultimate mix of Eurasian experience. The result is a really easy place to get around (although the MRT/subway sure helps) and some of the most delicious eating choices.

NELL: “I liked the cleanness, and the way there is air conditioning in the shops and hotels and cars – there was even a cool house (montane) in the orchid garden at the Botanic Garden. Best thing we did was go on a boat trip along the Singapore River. I learnt about all the buildings in Singapore, and liked the flying saucer best – that’s the one they use for the law courts.”

LOLA: “It was so humid! I hadn’t expected that. Now I’ve been to three very humid cities – Hong Kong, Singapore and Honiara.”

We only stayed 24 hours, but managed to go around the Botanic Garden and see the spot where rubber trees were first trialled, take a great boat trip from Clarke’s Quay, get a bit tiddly on Singapore Slings at the famous Raffles Hotel (see pic) and finally meet a friend, Tony, for noodles at one of the Hawker sites. These offer tasty food – carrot cake which is more like spicey omelette is a must try, especially if you don’t want chilli crab – all at dirt cheap prices, approx £3 or £4 a dish.

How I wish we could have oggled the Sky Garden (very high!), gone to a chocolate buffet, explore Little India and China Town, met more people I know in the city and been in far less of a hurry.

Don’t make the same mistakes we made.

We were there on a public holiday – Malay new year. Surel yan auspicious moment for all of us just on the cusp on going home to settle back into another round of study/save?

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