New shoes make me…

This sandal has helped me walk miles, but I left the pair with my friend Rose in the Solomons. Hopefully it'll help her walk strong too.

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New shoes make me scream. I never want new shoes. I like my old shoes. I also like Lola’s old black kickers that fit her and she was able to wear to school all last year. This term they are apparently on the bad buy list, so we have to buy some cruddy (also branded) black girl shoes which you have to tip tap around in.

Trainer envy
At the shoe shop with Lola I was so envious of the assortment of strong, quality, comfy shoes schoolboys get to wear. They are all black, most have a comfy, trainer-like sole. It is incredible that in the 21st century most secondary schools still fear the trainer. And as for teachers asking our kids not to wear brands (which I agree with in principle)! The result is having to put students into the most badly made, copycat items that even Cinderella would have turned her toes away from. No North Face waterproofs even!

When it comes to education exams matter, obviously. But in the long run so does making sure your kids have dry, well-supported feet so their backs don’t give out, earlier than Generation App should expect. Especially if you know you will never, ever drive them to their school. Even on the wet days. (For tips on Walk to School ideas, see here).

Next steps
For anyone choosing a school (soon!) this won’t be the crunch point. But it ought to be something that parents and carers make sure staff and governors at some point tackle. I am convinced Lola’s school will change that policy soon, it’s just a shame that I’m worrying about shoe rules and not how to tackle some of Cameron’s ridiculous new bills… (sorry, just heard that the bill destroying the NHS got passed through the Commons yesterday).

Let’s hope, to twist a phrase – from little corns great souls grow.

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2 Comments on “New shoes make me…”

  1. hedgehoghugh Says:

    keep them barefoot!

    are they punished if they wear the ‘wrong’ shoe? how damn silly.

    • homemadekids Says:

      Hi Hugh, you are so right, some school rules are silly! Punishment is bonkers too – the kids get sent home. In a nice piece of Catch 22, in our borough you aren’t allowed to have your kids at home so if they get sent home the parents/carers start being put on a warning register, and could end up paying a sizeable fine. Nicola

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