Do toddlers love tails?

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If you’re struggling with what to give a toddler – then consider a tail.

Obviously reading a story is one fabulous gift, but I’m thinking more of a snake-like appendage, fastened with a piece of elastic that goes around your little one’s waist.

I tried this out on my neice, 22-month-old Rose and was thrilled to see how happy she was. To be honest her reaction was rather like a puppy. She couldn’t believe her Nannup tiger tail (a gift from Australia) stayed attached to her. She kept forgetting about it and then was delighted to see it was back again. And look how well she arranged it in the wheelbarrow.

I guess she’s grown up with a pirate for a big brother and a Labrador as an older sister so why wouldn’t she be happy to have her own tail?

Q: So how do you make a tail – speedily?

  • Use one leg of an unwanted pair of tights.
  • Stuff these with newspaper or material scraps.
  • Knot or seal with staples/needle and thread
  • Sew a piece of elastic to the top (approx 36cm, but measure according to indoor or outdoor wear)
  • You and your tot could paint spots or stripes on the tail, otherwise just adjust the size and then get up and play!

There are loads more ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children in my book Homemade Kids. But if you have any cunning ideas do share as it’s only a few weeks before most parents get asked to turn their littlest children into nativity animals, cold snap beasties (polar bears!) and even reindeer…

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One Comment on “Do toddlers love tails?”

  1. homemadekids Says:

    This comment is collected from Facebook:
    Penny M: I’ve been meaning to say thanks for the ‘make them a tail’ post. I followed your instructions, and my boyfriend’s 6-year old loves it! Great idea, thank you.

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