Are you ever bored?

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post tackles brain food. For more info about my book Homemade Kids with lots of ideas about parenting, click here.

When I was growing up it was considered a crime by my mum to say I was bored.  She’s still a work obsessive, and houseproud so there was always something to do. And just in case the forks had been polished, the mending done, the garden watered, pets pampered and laundry room floor washed I had a book by my bedside called No Time To Be Bored. It was not well-thumbed…

Thanks to my kids being a bit older and work being harder to get I have more time to myself… and that risks me becoming bored as well as a Baird May cash crisis. So this post is to cheer myself up. It’s partly a congratulation to homemadekids as this blog has now had more than 10,000 hits. Just as excitingly so has the other blog I write about on low carbon family adventuring, around britain no plane (fancy following either?)

Recently I was sent this lovely message from a woman I met at a talk I gave at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham in 2011.  It is true that she was the only participant – but six months after the event this is what she said:

Hiya Nicola,
It’s Kate here, proving that it doesn’t matter how many people attend a workshop, it’s about how engaged the attendees are!

Thank you so much for my one-on-one Homemade Kids tutorial in Cheltenham earlier in the year, and an especial thank you for my “wedding present” copy of the book! I’ve read it all and it is brill! I love the realism and practicality blended with green idealism and community values.

I thought you’d be heartened to know that since perusing your book I have…

* changed to Good Energy for my gas and electricity;
* had a pulleymaid drying rack installed above the stairwell; and
* had my ceiling painted with Auro paint 🙂

I’m sure there will be plenty more changes over the coming months!  I shall keep your book by me for reference and keep gradually greening our home and lifestyle!  Thanks for all the effort you put into finding inspirational stories and reliable recommendations 😀

It’s lovely getting feedback, and obviously you’re welcome to add your thoughts below. But if you can tell other people the things you like about their blogs/help/children – in person or via blog comments – or just a thank you for a good tip, they’ll be glowing.

Feedback is probably the nicest gift you can give.  Just think of it as a grown-up and free way to make sure there’s still no time to be bored…

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