5 fab ideas

Bikes are a great idea, here are five more.

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post offers you five genius ways to inspire your life & do fun things with your children. For more info about my book Homemade Kids, with lots of ideas about parenting, click here

See more below about >>>>> 1 spreading renewable energy love 2 buy nothing day * 3 brilliant craft blog 4 geographers go wild in the country 5 meet a nice pickle


If you want this served up intellectually – then it’s the perfect marriage of individualism with collectivism. Put another way the Energyshare site helps you find out how to be a British Gas client but still support renewables (good!), save a little bit of money off your energy bill (great!) and promote other clever energy sharing ideas around the country (superb!). I’ve just voted for Wadebridge Renewable Energy network. I think Wadebridge’s bid to change their town’s energy supply to renewables is fabulously ambitious. Something to do with my neighbours, maybe – and definitely to share with the eco-club team members – aged 6 – 10 at Nell’s primary school.


A chance to try 24 hours without buying anything. As ever the day assigned – the last saturday in november – turns out to be impossible for me to spend nothing (because I have got something, thankfully). I will be using my Oyster (tube) card, I’m going to meet my sister & want to be able to have a coffee or drink with her (it’s only our 2nd meeting this year, which is a tragedy in itself); and the rest of the family are going to football to see the Hammers (possibly because it’s kids for a £1.60 booking fee, only).


This craft blogger is astonishingly creative, and easy to follow (and as an extra plus for me, the writer likes dogs). Nell, 10, and I have tried several of her ideas – currently making Granny Fiona’s Xmas present from tips offered on Beneath the Rowan Tree’s site.


I loved geography at school (smug git that I am, also got an A grade at O level), and then foolishly I dropped the subject. Fast forward30 years – that’s when I heard about psycho geography blogs I began to realise that I’m still wrapped up in all thinks geography, mostly through my aroundbritainnoplane blog. At the weekend bravely went on a geography pow wow with 25 strangers to talk about geography in very creative ways. Here’s how to map your eyebrows… place one After Eight on your forehead and then without using your hands wriggle the chocolate into your mouth. Make those eyebrows twitch (think Denis Healey!). It’s a perfect New Year’s eve game.


This is one of my students’ blog posts (I teach a blogging course at London College of Communication).  This student takes the most beautiful food pix & tells me that she’s already been offered an internship (partly because of her blog). The shots of pickled veg reminded me that this is a great foodie gift to make for xmas.

Over to you
What websites or blogs  inspire you to have fun with your kids or do more with your kids?

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