What’s wrong with being normal?


This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post offers a few more pre-Christmas ideas. For more info about my book Homemade Kids, with lots of ideas about parenting, click here.

Lola asked me today “What’s wrong with being normal?” Maybe she wants a DS or doesn’t want to pick up crackers from the street anymore (see nell in pic!). Lucky for me I’d just read a column by the Guardian’s Adityaa Chakrabortty (definitely becoming my favourite columnist) and not only had an answer but could pass his column to Lola, and discuss at the breakfast table.  Here it is – how british workers are losing the power to think. I think Lola might reconsider the danger of normal after this onslaught. But in my defence breakfast was about 10.30am, not too early for Oscar Wilde even?

And anyway we do plenty of normal at home too. Last moment tasks before Xmas completed with joy thanks to having children around who are big enough to find, stir and wash a wooden spoon. See pix above.

  • Christmas pudding steamed and filled with shiny gold coins (soak £1s for 24 hours in coca cola).
  • Oat balls refilled to soothe Nell’s eczema and winter dry skin.
  • Giving the Bond Street shop window displays marks out of 10. They are amazing – but the one I decided to photograph was Luis Vuitton’s luggage shown off with the help of stuffed elephant (toys) balanced on seesaws.
  • Plus we ran a serious taste test to help identify clementines from satsumas. Our team – Lola, 13, Netta, 9, and Nell,10 – reckoned that clementines have shinier, oranger skin and in December taste sweeter.
  • Some more quick gift ideas here – truffle making and scented oranges.

30 things to stop doing to yourself…
In case you’re not feeling positive. Admittedly there are certainly lots of reasons for that this year if you add in economic doom and gloom, so to avoid, take a look at this useful set of top tips about 30 things to stop doing to yourself (eg, worrying, fearing failure etc). Sent from my wise and wonderful friend in Solomon Islands, see here.

Over to you
Any ideas for keeping the spirits up?

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One Comment on “What’s wrong with being normal?”

  1. nicola baird Says:

    From Facebook:
    Christian: “Normal can be convenient. It’s easier to blend in than be a tall poppy (and possibly be chopped off at the knees). Everyone should try it sometime. It is nice to fit in occasionally and most of us manage it in some way or other.

    Also consider that almost everyone is not normal in some or many ways. Your weekend bus driver may be moonlighting from a well-respected lecturing day job (true story) or their opera singing hobby (could be true). What’s normal in one social group, isn’t necessarily so in another.

    One thing I am clear on: Normality/Abnormality – shouldn’t be pursued too hard. Fit in/Stand out – by all means but not at the expense of expressing your true self (sociopaths/narcissists – this doesn’t apply to you). Have fun – the real colour in life comes from celebrating the difference while working out what binds us.”

    Kelly: “I would say to Lola that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being normal, as long as that’s who you are. The crucial thing is being you. And, that most people who appear ‘normal’ probably aren’t, if you dig deep enough.”

    Carole: “Normal doesn’t exist – it’s a front for people who are afraid!”

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