Competition winner! Siana Marchant

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post reveals the winner of the competition. The challenge – your thoughts about washing little children’s hair – yes or no?  For more info about parenting see my book Homemade Kids, or for my website click here.

COMPETITION WINNER DRUMROLL – calling Siana Marchant. Well done, you’re the winner. You just need to let me know your address, email me on and then I can post you the weeney prize (assuming you live in the UK or Isle of Man). I hope you never need to use it though as it sounds like your children  prefer the leave it well alone approach!

I asked you all to state where you stand on hairwashing children’s hair – and loved the way Siana thought you had to, but was then steered by her children’s behaviour and her observations that their hair didn’t get horrible if left unwashed. Love littlies with unwashed hair is actually far easier than insisting on a hairwashing routine. Don’t worry, if they want to wash their hair (eg, peer pressure, or it is dirty) they’ll either do it themselves or tell you – both of which are much more likely as they grow a bit older.

This was Siana’s comment:

I always treated my kids with a gentle hand, so I am perplexed as to why they hate having me wash their hair. My kids are now 8 and 9 and still there is still very little change in how they feel about the dreaded shampoo! I’ve tried everything from soft washcloths covering their faces, letting them do it themselves, showers, baths….nothing seems to make a difference, there is almost always tears and hostility!
My solution was to just stop using shampoo. Well, almost stop, I do still wash their hair sometimes, about once every two months. My son’s hair looks and smells just fine, he never seems to need a wash. My daughters hair does get greasy but she doesn’t mind, it doesn’t look that bad really, and I don’t think that little kids need to look especially groomed anyhow!”

Thanks for everyone else’s comments. You can see the full post here.

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One Comment on “Competition winner! Siana Marchant”

  1. nicola baird Says:

    OH NO – can’t find my prize winner Siana Marchant. So have done a draw from the other entrants comments and the winner is Sarah Finch. She said: “I see no point in washing tinies’ hair – water inevitably gets swished over their heads if they have a bath. Mine used to swim around in the bath anyway and their heads always seemed very clean with no effort on my part. Actual washing isn’t really necessary til they are well into primary school.” Let me know your address Sarah and then I can send you the prize! Thanks and well done. Nicola

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