What will The Lorax made you DO?

Fernanda, Nell and Charles Thwaites (FSC UK executive director) get some tips on how to save trees from the Lorax.

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post wonders what watching The Lorax film will make you want to do to make the world a better place? Small as you like!  For more info about my book Homemade Kids, with lots of ideas about parenting click here.

Dr Seuss stories are quite old, well-loved by zillions and easy to read. It’s embarrassing therefore to admit that I don’t usually like them much, even Green Eggs & Ham. But the film of The Lorax was a wonderful treat for me, Nell, 11, and her friend Fernanda. We saw a private view courtesy of the Forest Stewardship Council UK – the guardians of how to grow and cut wood sustainably, just look for the FSC logo (I’m a trustee hence the mention) – and Hewlett Packard whose business depends on well-managed timber supplies (eg, so people can keep printing on to paper).

The Lorax looks set to be a big hit this summer. Not only is it ideal for families, it also has an easy take home message – if there’s something you can do for the environment, then go and do it. As the song puts it, “let it grow”.

Apparently The Eden Project in Cornwall is borrowing the Lorax concept to inspire its summer visitors.

The Lorax is the yellow moustached spirit that guards the forest. Unfortunately he’s had a big failure (due to his kind nature) dealing with Oncer, an eternally optimistic entrepreneur determined to make a success of his thnead business. A thnead is made from tree leaves/flowers, knitted together, and then sold as a hat, or scarf, or picnic rug or whatever the owner desires. Fashion victims will understand, thneads are both utterly useless and quintessentially essential. Disaster strikes when the materials for the thnead – the trees – run out, due to poor management. From then on things get worse, and the question becomes will the slightly stroppy teenage Ted be able to save the day?

Makes you feel you can do good
It’s the most empowering film – you ought to leave the cinema bursting to do good. And I did try, but with all this crazy weather: the wettest Britain, the floodedest Beijing, the flamiest Spain, the driest west coast of Scotland, etc, etc it was hard to feel up beat. But Nell and Fernanda were delighted with their chance to do something about the world. They’re already pretty clued up, but on the way home (on public transport), we gave some change to a busker, picked up rubbish to put in the bin and threw a seed bomb of wild flowers on to a patch of land the railway workers over-enthusiastically cleared.

Sarah: it’s her kids turn with the school uniform.

And two weeks on we’ve just passed on 20 items of Nell’s primary school uniform to another mum with suitable-sized children (see pic). Considering much of Nell’s uniform has been already worn by Lola, and some of that was secondhand, this is a definite good use of resources (and as an added bonus it clears the cupboard space for Nell’s next school’s uniform).

Take that you thneads.

Win yourself a Lorax prize
COMPETITION: If you live in the UK (this is about postage) click to follow this blog AND leave me your email before 8 August to be in with a chance of getting an A4 Lorax colouring book and an A4 Lorax sticker book (best for a child aged six or under). Good luck winning – and doing good…

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