Spooky half term projects

Please pass another bat-in-the- graveyard biscuit… What do you mean they’re invisible?

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post suggests another way to offer treats on the Halloween doorstep, without resorting to mega bags of Haribos. For more info about my book Homemade Kids, with lots of ideas about parenting click here.

Over the past few days I’ve seen some amazing make-up – splattered eyes and cobweb skin – on girls on the tube. Plus I’ve noticed a run on the charity shops for glamorous black and spooky grey accessories. Everyone seems to be going crazy about Halloween this year – must be something to do with the date falling during half term? My kids are luckily at home, so are able to plan to visit loads of local houses trick or treating; and organise me to be able to offer a sweetie give away service. They also have several days to prepare the spooky outfits.

But the best part of looking around for outfits is seeing the strange scenes that can be found not far from my bit of London. Perhaps the skeleton bones will inspire your own Day-of-the-Dead family mural?

Biscuits on the trick/treat doorstep
We will be making bat-in-the-graveyard biscuits using a normal cookie mix peppered with eyes (raisins), fingernails (mango pieces) and bone fragments (white chocolate).

Know your bats.

I’m also adding a couple of pictures of bats – taken from a sign on a path nearby – just in case you decide to ditch the graveyard theme and cut out bats from the cookie dough.

See more ideas for Halloween (with an emphasis on spider accessories) from this blog here.

Over to you
Any suggestions to make Halloween suitably scary, without relying on complete items bought from a shop?

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One Comment on “Spooky half term projects”

  1. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s half term, or just that the UK seems to embrace Halloween a little bit more each year! My two go trick or treating – in our village, there’s a particular area where several roads all really buy into it, most of them put up lots of decorations, and they welcome trick or treaters, and there are always streams of children going round those houses on halloween. Any houses in that area that don’t want to be involved, tend to just put up a little sign in their window saying ‘No trick or treaters please’. It all works very well and it’s a lovely atmosphere. What I mostly enjoy is seeing some of the elaborate pumpkin carvings that people do, very impressive!

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