Are you ever boastful? You should be…

What do you mean my child's been turned into a polar bear?

What do you mean my child’s been turned into a polar bear?

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. This post is all about keeping life in perspective. For more info about my book Homemade Kids, with lots of ideas about parenting click here.

I think we’ve all been guilty of being proud of our children. And to those of you at a different stage, say teenage rebellion, you might even have been guilty of boasting how unbelievably awful your child can be.

Over past month alone I’ve heard people tell me their child is terrific at maths, got a boyfriend at last (she’s 13, agh), able to pack away their lego, found a job, got a place at university, can throw proper two year old tantrums… These children are all different ages of course, and I’m so glad people do share stuff about their kids over the phone, in conversation, on Facebook, in Christmas Round Robin letters, any way they like. Not only do I want to know, it’s wonderful to see and hear about children as they grow up.

What’s not to like about a little boastfulness? It’s far better than…

Lost front teeth, cute as a newt!

Lost front teeth, cute as a newt!

“They’re too old now”
Rather more poignantly, I find that listening to how other kids are growing up helps us all remember our own children at the same age/stage of development. Indeed a friend with an independent older teen told me recently that she may have the photos but she finds she really misses her sweet two year old, or the little girl who wore a woolly hat, or the child who hugged up close for a bedtime story. “I’m mourning those children,” she said eyes welling up.

With two girls at secondary school it can’t be long before I’m mourning the little children household we had – forgetting how exhausting it was constantly looking after a tot.


Loving the lego stage, in retrospect. Perhaps you’ve forgotten the pain of standing on lost bits of lego, or the nightmare of clearing it all away?

So to all of you with little ones, here’s to a happy and safe holidays and the hope of a few treats where you get some time off.  My tip is share the tasks, and live in the moment, just like the kids do. Oh yes, and eat more snacks.

And to all of those of you with bigger kids, here’s to a happy reflection of those good old days, without sinking into deep regret.  My tip is collect those lovely drawings, school reports and outgrown shoes/clothes and think of clever ways to preserve them – not just photos. This could be a very satisfying 2013 project for the cold winter months.

Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Over to you?
What do you think – boastfulness is never acceptable, or it’s a lovely part of sharing the things you and your child have enjoyed doing together and will make the hard times easier.

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2 Comments on “Are you ever boastful? You should be…”

  1. Pete May Says:

    I’ve never needed to boast about my brilliant kids.

  2. There’s a balance isn’t there – a parent who never boasts about something their child/ren have done can seem slightly odd, but one who does nothing but boast about their children can drive you up the wall! What I don’t like is when parents boast about their children knowing that they are putting your children down in doing so, e.g. talking about the amazingly high mark their child got in a test when they know that your child got a very low mark; I hope I’m sensitive enough to not do that myself!

    But yes, we should definitely show-off now and again about how wonderful our wonderful children are!

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