What makes you happy?

I always felt that singing “we’re a happy family” was tempting fate. But stumbled across the Simple Woman’s Daybook  – loads of posts where mums focus on the calms and pleasures of life and felt it might be another way to approach what my hopefully ok week will be like. I recommend having a go to anyone who loves blogging but sometimes feels they’d like a change of pace, especially if you’ve been busy with family (we spent saturday on a protest march to try and keep the local hospital open – it rained for most of this event). Service will be resumed as normal in the next post, ie, thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children at https://homemadekids.wordpress.com. Post by nicola baird.

Singing in the rain room (an art installation where you get to control the flow, can't do that outside).

Singing in the rain room (an art installation where you get to control the flow, can’t do that outside).


Outside my window…it’s 9.30pm and dark so I can’t see anything, but I can hear St Patrick’s day festivities and Irish music at the local pub.
I am thinking…about how different it is after the rain – puddles are muddy, birds sing louder and the world looks better, but inside the house smells of wet dog – even if you don’t have a dog. And the floor space shrinks because it is taken over by drying umbrellas/shoes/wellies.
I am thankful...that my kids don’t go to boarding school! I’d miss them so much.
In the kitchen...lots of washing up after some experiments with cheeseless pizza and hot cross buns done with my daughters. Today i found out baking was simple and you can do it without any special equipment.I am wearing...the usual super-warm winter weather uniform – including the ethnic, cosy waistcoat that I bizarrely wore on my first date with my now husband Pete. He didn’t much like it then. 20 years on he’s grown to love it, not.I am creating…a quilt (using big pieces of material which i sew together on the hand-turn singer machine my great granny gave to my mum for her 21st). Hope to finish it ready for a visitor on thursday.I am going...to a zillion barbed-wire diary work-play events this week. School governor duty on Monday, blogging treat on tuesday, Quasimodo on wednesday, riding teaching on thursday – clearly it’s going to be a crash out friday.
I am wondering...about why I didn’t give any money to Comic Relief. Such a good collection of projects.I am reading...between books but can recommend The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Have been trying to read books from all around the world, see this most recent review of novels from the Pacific edge here.I am hoping...i can find a good Somali contact for interviewing on http://islingtonfacesblog.comI am looking forward to...my birthday on Saturday. Love the number 23 (date, not age).I am learning...that this might be something i should work on.Around the house…spring light reveals far too much dust. anyone else noticed more cobwebs than usual?I am pondering…if giving up sugar, meat and gluten leaves you anything to eat? I haven’t done this yet but live in fear that someone medical will one day insist i cease eating bread. Aghhhhhh.A favorite quote for today…”Always look on the bright side.”One of my favorite things…home – strange seeing as I like travelling just about as much too, just I do less of it.A few plans for the rest of the week...Seeing my oldest sing on tuesday and my youngest skate next Sunday. If there is time to watch MadMen from a borrowed box set how happy would I be.

A peek into my day… probably shrank as outside for a lot of it in the rain – went on a history walk at the local nature park  with my 14 year old and took the dog for a walk. Nell, 12 went with Pete to see the movie Lincoln. Excellent way to do some history homeschooling.

Over to you
Have a go doing this yourself – just copy the headings and paste the url to http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.co.uk/

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6 Comments on “What makes you happy?”

  1. Alana Says:

    Have a great week!

  2. kneehighmum Says:

    Have mentally filed away the women’s daybook and will try to do it this week – sounds a lovely thing to do.

  3. Kate Says:

    Fascinating, thanks for sharing! And praise due for your protest march in the driving rain; we spent the day schlepping around Legoland in torrential downpours, in what felt like a rather different kind of protest march..

    • nicola baird Says:

      Hi Kate, I’ve deliberately managed to avoid Legoland (for perhaps the reasons you hint at), but after enjoying the Harry Potter World so much I think I’d like to see the models! Nicola

  4. jennifer a Says:

    wow you sound incredibly busy

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