Is it time to move everyone on?

When the kids are aged by months you have to sort and pack outgrown stuff constantly; as they get older you’ll find there’s less sorting but often much bigger bits of equipment are either needed, or would be better passed on…For more ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children see, or

Some of the families in our babysitting circle back at a 2009 get-together.

Some of the families in our babysitting circle back at a 2009 get-together.

This week I’ve been moving on as a mum – from mum of youngsters to mum of teens. This isn’t easy – you keep thinking how quickly those years all went. And possibly, how much energy you used to have… (maybe this is just me!).

On Monday I handed over the babysitting circle to a mum with younger children. To have a look at all the posts I’ve written about babysitting circles and how they work, plus how to organise your own, see here.

And now I’m trying to sort out our house so that my girls move into separate rooms. We’re lucky as we have enough space to do this (and no housing benefit stickler breathing down our neck muttering bedroom tax).

Turn the light off
Until now it’s been easy to have the girls sharing but I notice that a 12 and 15 year old have very different sleeping preferences (eg, when they stop reading at night and when they wake in the morning), so in the interest of keeping them friendly it makes sense to split them up.  Many families seem to split their kids much earlier – but I remember really enjoying chatting as I fell asleep when I was a kid, so I’ve held out for a long time. But now, it’s goodbye to the bunks.

Hope I don't miss these bunk beds too much.

Hope I don’t miss these bunk beds too much.

I had a bunk with my sister, who then went on to share it with our brother. Bunks are a brilliant way to squeeze in more kids for overnight stays (eg, babysitting swaps if you’re not in a babysitting circle). They seem to stop night terrors too, because someone is always in the room.

The bunks pictured aren’t the 1960s model – but they were pre-loved before they got to our house, passed on by a nearby neighbour when her teen felt he was too old for a bunk anymore.

I’ve put the bunks on freecycle – really recommend this for passing on un-wanted items and of course for finding things you need. I love the way so many of the things in our house have been pre-loved.

Over to you
How’s your life-cleaning coming along? Do you feel energised by it, or  just a tad sad?

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2 Comments on “Is it time to move everyone on?”

  1. kneehighmum Says:

    Funnily enough we are about to put the two youngest girls into bunk beds! There’s a 23 month age difference and I was really interested to hear about how you are now changing the bedroom arrangements for your girls. Mine are only 4 and 6 so we have a few years to go and many more years of our babysitting circle!

    • nicola baird Says:

      Well Knee High Mum mine were just 4 and 6 nine years ago… how fast it’s all gone. the bunks have been brilliant. For the past few years the youngest has been in the top bunk and the oldest in a cabin bed 1m away. Been brilliant for having overnight guests.

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