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Can you give up your car when it rains?

April 25, 2012

This blog post is by Nicola Baird sharing ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children. Reasons to splash in those puddles and get singing in the rain rather than take the car which can, for some, cause sudden death.  For more info about parenting see my book Homemade Kids, or for my website click here 

I’ve waited until a real rainy spell to write this. That’s because when it’s raining it is SO tempting to jump in the car – rather than kit yourself out in brolly, wellies and that unglam raincoat. Obviously this post is particulary geared towards those people who live in towns and cities (ie, most of us)

The reason I insist my children walk to school is all about pollution.

Turns out that UK transport emissions cause 7,500 early deaths each year, see research here. I am horrified by this, but then thought well there are 60 million of us, so what does this figure really mean? But this fabulous mortality diagram from the Guardian is sure to get you thinking, see here.

That figure of 7,500 early deaths is like everyone in a medium sized primary school (of 300 children) dying, plus all the students in another 24 schools.

At what point did the UK get so big and uncaring that deaths equivalent to 25 primary schools stopped being newsworthy?

The Asthma Society claims:

  • There were 1,131 deaths from asthma in the UK in 2009 (12 were children aged 14 years or under).
  • On average, 3 people per day die from asthma.

The UK mortality figures used by the Guardian in its diagram show that 7,500 is a huge figure. After all in one year:

  • Transport accidents claim 2,284
  • Drug use deaths totalled 1,340
  • Swine flu was 149

To help make comparisons you need to know (all figures approx) that every day 1,700 people die in the UK .  So each year that’s 643,000 deaths, making it easy to lose – or forget about – those 7,500 early deaths from air pollution. Is that why #doubledip and #recession are the words trending on twitter, not #airpollution or #airquality?

It seems that we can chatter with no problems about being unable to afford petrol, car repairs or a holiday that starts at the airport. But in so doing ignore taking action – or sounding off about – on an issue we all could do something about.

A week before Lola was born my book on cars The Estate We’re In: who’s driving car culture (Indigo) came out. I know you can’t criticise car drivers (I am one after all, and have even taught three or four people how to drive). But I wish you could get put on the naughty step for driving.

Over to you with a FREE gift
If you’d like a FREE book: Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island about travelling around the UK on public transport in the 1980s – a wittily written nostalgic journey which takes in bad food, timetables and clone towns by the very funny American then answer this question and send me your email. The book is provided FREE by the lovely folk from World Book Night.

Q: Do you worry about air pollution or not?


Get my free ebook before 22 Sep

September 13, 2011

As a thank you to anyone who has read this Homemade Kids blog I’d like to offer you a FREE book. It’s the enovel, Coconut Wireless which I published back in November 2010. This post is by Nicola Baird.

Very happy with this big spread in the Island Sun, and on page 2 of Solomon Star

I’ve just been lucky enough to spend two months back in Solomon Islands. While I was there plenty of fuss was made about my book – and all in a good way. Here’s the publicity I did:

* I read a chunk from it at the Solomon Islands Creative Writers Association.
* A Honiara book group did a meet-the-author (thanks ML)
* The two main newspapers, Solomon Star, and Island Sun, both ran news stories about Coconut Wireless, calling it a “love story set in Honiara” (the country’s main capital)
* Using Pijin I talked to Form 3 students (equivalent to Year 9) at a rural school, Mguvia Community High School on Guadlacanal, and also Form 3 students at King George VI High School, in Honiara (see clip above).
* I was on OneTV, the country’s only TV station
* Thanks to a radio interview I was on two SIBC radio shows at prime time (breakfast & tea).

So far 25 people have bought Coconut Wireless: love, life and gossip in the South Pacific via, and in total 137 have downloaded it.

US$110 is about £70. About half of this is from my ebook dowloads (the rest are blog earnings, quite amazing). So half of £35 (£17.50) will be the first cash I can send to support Solomon Islands Development Trust's great work.

I can’t tell you how many have downloaded it off Kindle, but I’ve got a cheque for around US$111 (approx £70). About half of this sum is earnings from my blogs – thank you – and the rest is people buying Coconut Wireless.

I’ve promised to give half of all earnings (so in this case it will be £35 divided by 2, so £17.50) to SIDT, Solomon Islands Development Trust.  Hopefully it’ll earn quite a bit more over time – and I always want people in the Solomons to be able to read it for free.

But I also need people who don’t live in the Solomons to read the book and give me some feedback…. so, I’d like you to have a FREE copy before I change the code on 22 September 2011.

That's me, back in 1990, covered in tumeric - now a photo on a kindle.

For you to get your FREE copy of Coconut Wireless (which you can download to a PC as a PDF (so it’s easy to read) or stick on to an e-reader like Kindle, your phone or iPad) please go to this Smashwords page; select the format you want, and then click on “add to cart”. Once you get to that page (and I’m afraid you may need to become a smashwords member at this stage, although it is free too) then just insert this coupon ZV47Q to get your FREE download. Phew, after all that hard work I hope you enjoy reading it!

If you can’t stand the faff, just go to my Amazon page, here, and download it for £2.14 on to your Kindle. Or maybe just put it in your wish list, just in case you are given a Kindle for Christmas.

Whatever you decide. Thank you! And please do consider passing this on. Nicola x

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