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So, it’s mother’s day. What next?

March 23, 2017

How do you acknowledge Mother’s Day? For more ideas about thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise children see more on this blog or get my book Homemade Kids, out of the library. This post is by Nicola Baird, also see

Me with my two daughters. (2015)

Mother’s Day in the UK  is in spring – this year it’s Sunday 26 March 2017 – conveniently after my spring birthday, and before my own mum’s spring birthday. But Mother’s Day in the US, Australia and NZ is not until Sunday 14 May (one day I must find out why & thanks to Vanessa-Jane for sorting out my now corrected error).

Me and my Mum. (2016)

As if that wasn’t enough confusion for those of us with mothers, or who are mothers… it turns out that “76% of Mothers with Young Children Want a Break from Parenting Duties this Mother’s Day.” They don’t want a card, or a gift, they want time out… claims info from a survey organised by (a British-owned market place allegedly similar to Amazon).

Luckily for, mums don’t mind if money is spent to get that precious time out… For instance they’d be OK with:

  1. A relaxing spa day- 19%
  2. Date Night- 17%
  3. A quiet night in with wine- 14%
  4. An extra three hours in bed-11%
  5. No housework- 9%.

Admittedly Numbers 4 & 5 are free, so that’s good news for all Mother’s Day gift givers. And I’d be happy with any of these too. But I was shocked that found out that the average spend is a huge £38.50. I suppose that is because more adults are buying for their “old” mum, rather than little kids raiding their tooth fairy money.

Buying flowers is a cheat. I really treasure hand-drawn cards (as my daughter Nell knows they can be inspired by communing with the great outdoors), but for my own mum I’ve bought her a bunch of flowers this year… and it’s not the first time either!

Obviously a big bunch of flowers tops the gift list. I’ve always really enjoyed taking a bus journey through London on a Mothering Sunday to see which people are carrying a huge bunch of blooms to their mum/wife/partner. But tragically the research found that very few mothers with young children were that pleased about this particular gift. They felt keeping the flowers alive added to their stress, they were picky about the flowers they wanted (eg, British-grown, particular types) and – by implication – a waste of money they’d rather have spent getting someone else in to do a spot of spring cleaning.

The information has left me a bemused. I’d planned to hop over to the Scilly Flowers website and send my mum a monster bunch of scented narcissi. But now I don’t know. Admittedly she has grown up kids, who don’t live with her, so the cut flowers can die when they want and then be composted.

As for what my family will get me – I have an internal shopping list wheeled out for second hand shops, jumble sales and occasional Freecycle swoops – but I don’t think they’d want to keep an eye out for the sort of items on it, eg, pillow protectors, a new-to-us sofa cover and a scrap of oil cloth to cover the garden table so that I can eat outside without chicken poo spoiling the experience.

Over to you?

What do you like getting – time or gifts – on mother’s day if you are a mother? And/or what has been your most successful gift to your mum?


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