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What are the best ways to deal with stress?

November 10, 2017

What is it about snowflakes?

Growing up in 2017 – is it a jammy life? Probably not & see how all these jam jars at the Tiptree Jam Factory in Essex are different (c) homemadekids

My daughters – now 16 and 19 – are Millennials. Many of their generation have a clear sense of what’s wrong and right and that’s spread across society, which is why the #metoo took off. I admire the way that they are good at speaking out when they see injustice. Unfairly that’s made other groups dub them the snowflake generation, who call out poor behaviour rather than putting up with stuff (or laughing it off). The press often mock this group, claiming that our mollycoddled-snowflakes melt under pressure, and need to toughen up.

How do you stand out from the crowd in such a crowded world? Pic is of leftover nuts after the Walnut & Wine festival at Dedham Vale Vineyard in Essex. (c) homemade kids

The question is do young people in Britain have more pressure than preceding generations? Or are they simply better at sharing their emotions?

I’m not sure – so here’s a poll to try and find out.

Over to you
Let me know what you think, either by the poll or adding a comment.

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